Sake or nihonshu production started in Tokyo in the Edo period (1603–1868) and few know that sake is still produced in the city by nine sake breweries, thanks to its quality groundwater.

The sake is mostly brewed in winter by farmers and fishermen who need to work during off season. They are led by a brewer, or toji, who often belongs to a guild or a group.

Enjoyed either hot or cold referred to okan or kanzake,  there are various types of sake which gets its taste from a complex mix of  water, brewing techniques, rice quality and the expertise of the brewmaster.

With our expert you will visit one of the finest brewery in Tokyo and are invited to witness the production process, learn about the history of the brewery, procedure of sake making and taste the season’s freshest sake.

You will also get time to go to the sake museum which is annexed to the brewery

Note that some breweries do not offer tours during production and fermentation.

More info

  • Departure Point: Shinjuku Station
  • Departure Time: TBD
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Days: Everyday
  • Price: Please contact us to inquire about pricing
  • Max # of people: up to 4
  • Inclusion: Sake expert guide, transportation fees (guide), sake tasting
  • Exclusion: Transportation, extra drinks