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Japan is packed with countless amazing places to explore from majestic Shrines and Buddhist temples or ancient historical sites to the buzzing modern atmosphere of cities, markets, streets…

Also, the charm of nature, people, and culture in Japan is an alluring beauty that could satisfy any travel buffs at any age.

We encourage you to tap our Tour Designers’ deep knowledge to ensure that each excursion, meal and hotel within your customized itinerary is perfectly aligned with your tastes.

Our Tour Designers will plan a trip to Japan that is uniquely your own, traveling at your own pace with the flexibility to change your itinerary while on the go – all with the peace of mind that comes from our round-the-clock support.

Discover an unusual Japan !

Our sample tours are here to inspire you

Our Signature Collection

Highlights of Japan

Japan’s Iconic Destinations

Fushimi Inari Shrine's Senbon Torii

Japan Cherry Blossom

Essence of Spring

Late April Cherry Blossom

Never Too Late for Sakura

Cherry blossom carpet in Hirosaki

Japan Islands Hopping

Natsu of Wandering

Yurigahama Beach, the phantom beach, Yoron Island

Japan Autumn Leaves

Koyo and Momiji

Ruriko-in Temple’s autumn leaves, Kyoto

Hokkaido Winter Discovery

Magnificent Wilderness

Toya Lake, Hokkaido

Our Insider Collection

Japanese Whisky & Distilleries

Extreme Peaty-ness

Suntori Yamazaki Distillery, Kyoto

Art & Design Japan

Japonisme on the Move

Teshima Art Museum

Japan Gourmet Enthusiast

Artful Washoku

Artful Washoku