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Japan’s Most Unique Floating Torii Gates

Beyond Itsukushima Miyajima

Torii gates are one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable symbols of Japan.

A Torii gate is the symbolic gateway between the spirit realm and the human world in Japan.

Itsukushima Shrine and its famous “floating” Torii gate is probably Japan’s most famous and iconic images.

There are plenty of floating Torii gates scattered throughout Japan, in different shapes, sizes, and locations. Certainly not as beautiful as Itsukushima shrine, but often uncrowded for being off the beaten track.

Here are our top recommendations for floating torii gates in Japan

  • Oarai Isosaki (Oarai, Ibaraki): The Kamiiso-no-Torii, meaning Gate of the Seashore God.
  • Sakurai Shrine (Itoshima, Fukuoka): A white torii standing near the “couple rocks”, 2 large rocks joined by a Shinto rope feature scenic sunset views.
  • Kumamoto Eino Otsurugi (Uki, Kumamoto): Built in 713 to worship the god of the sea « Wadatsumi no kami ».
  • Shirahige Shrine (Takashima, Shiga): The dreamlike white torii gate floating in Lake Biwa
  • Ouo Shrine (Tara, Saga): In fact an an underwater floating torii gate in the Ariake Sea.