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A Family and Success Story

Traveling in Japan is a journey to encounter unique culture that continues to fascinate foreign travelers. Unveiling the contemporary Japan with its deeply rooted ancestral culture, our journeys are a revelation for the visitors and are designed for those wishing to visit Japan to appreciate the best of its lifestyle, art and culture.

And also the Unusual, the Unknown and Sometimes Bizarre Japan.

After years living in Japan, Xavier founded My Japan Guide, a tour guide agency, to share his passion and enthusiasm for the Land of the Rising Sun and help hundreds of wonderful guests to discover Japan as he knew it.

Then his wife Yoko joined him to add a Touch of Japanese Tradition of Omotenashi, the Japanese version of hospitality.

We literally know Japan like the back of our hand.

Our team of well-traveled advisors can put together a luxury experience for a long weekend or a trip that’s weeks long.

Reach out to connect with our Tour Designer to start planning the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Private Tours Japan creates and promotes tours which are 100% homemade by locals and we are proud to present Japan from unique perspectives. We provide travelers with unique cultural experiences, thoughtfully designed and conducted by local experts.

Our guests not only discover the richness and diversity of Japan culture, but live it for themselves.

Explore our exclusive itineraries and prepare to discover a different Japan.

Contact Information

Email: booking@privatetours.jp
Tel: +81(0)470-29-5660

Tokyo Office: 2-8-10 Kaminarimon
Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034
Kyoto Office: Sanjo-dori Takakura-Higashiiru, 70 Masuyacho
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8111

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