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Your Tailor-Made Passport To Japan

To create unique Japan travel experiences

Anyone can book a trip to Japan but it takes planning and expertise to turn a simple journey into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Our commitment is that each moment spent in Japan will be an Extra-Ordinary Escapes & Meaningful Moments.

Unique Accomodation

The finest Japanese inns

Azumi Setoda, Onomichi

Explore a curated collection of Japan’s finest hotels, ryokan or Buddhist temple lodgings (shukubo). Our goal? Provide you the best experience possible to make your stay unforgettable.

We like

A Zen moment at Azumi Setoda, Onomichi.

Premium journey

With comfort and style

Seven Stars Kyushu

Whether you need a taxi, a luxury sedan or a minivans, from commercial domestic flights to luxury train, we will arrange all necessary transportation and transfer anytime across Japan.

We recommend

Riding the luxury train Seven Stars Kyushu.

Private Guides

Bespoke tours for discerning guests

Kokedera, the moss temple in Kyoto

Explore Japan’s destinations and travel highlights with your own private tour guide and enjoy a customized sightseeing tour suited to your personal tastes.

We guide you

To Saiho-ji, the Sublime Moss Temple in Kyoto.

Insider Experiences

Curated Japan Insights

Tuna block from Toyosu fish market

Through our premium plans, we craft the highest quality exclusive tours, experiences and attractions that Tokyo and Japan have to offer.

We offer

The unique chance to enter the Toyosu Fish Market.

Dedicated service

Omotenashi, the philosophy of Japanese hospitality

Omotenashi, the philosophy of Japanese hospitality

Our team offers individualized services that make your stay an unforgettable experience and is prepared to provide any necessary assistance, for you to travel with peace of mind.

We commit

To provide a privileged accompaniment.

…And so much more!

Make room for your imagination

The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show

Experience Japan your way with your own Handcrafted Journey. We are dedicated to helping you take your well-deserved break and a bespoke itinerary.

Custom Japan

Your Handcrafted Japan Journey.