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Where to Go for Great Views of Fujisan

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Viewing Mount Fuji – the highest peak in Japan – is a dream for many.

An almost perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone, Fujisan of all the mountains in Japan, stands out as a unique cultural symbol.

Some flights to or from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, closely pass by Mount Fuji, offering passengers a bird’s eye view. And upon arrival, the Haneda Airport International Terminal has a panoramic terrace (Fujimi dai) that offers a unique view of the fascinating mountain.

Unfortunately Fujisan is notoriously shy and sometimes a vail of clouds and fog shroud the sacred mountain of Japan, covering it totally. To increase your chances of success, try to see the mountain in the early mornings or late afternoon especially during the very cold winter months (visibility is always better than in summer).

The mountain’s famous snow cap is typically visible from around November to around May.

To maximize your chances of several great views, from different angles, in a short period of time, our favorite spots are




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