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The Izu Islands

Most people think that Tokyo is a bustling metropolis, but it is also, a few hours away, off the Izu Peninsula, a collection of volcanic islands.

The 9 exotic islands of Tokyo, Izu Islands are a must for onsen lovers, sushi fans and nature enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate Japan adventure.

With well-established ferry routes to and between the different Tokyo’s islands, the volcanic chain is ideal for island hopping.

Not all but our favorites and contact us for a custom journey.

Hachijojima :

The Kuroshio or Kuro-Shivo, a warm sea current similar to the Gulf Stream that runs along the coast, offers favorable conditions for diving all year round.

It is one of the best areas to target for encounters with sea turtles and for the past few years, humpback whales have been observed gathering around the island.

Hachijo-Fuji, the island’s iconic volcano, rewards hikers with sublime panoramic views of the open ocean and the surrounding volcanic landscape. Beneath the mountain peaks, enchanting tree fern forests, hidden waterfalls and the island’s many hot springs are just a few of the natural wonders that await you.

Mukurajima :

A pebble lying in the middle of the ocean very popular with divers for its many dolphins.

This small island is only 20 km2 and has less than 400 inhabitants, but between April and November, the most famous vacationers are the dolphins that inhabit the surrounding waters.

Anyone who ever dream about swimming with dolphins once in a lifetime, Mikurajima Island is where you can make your dream come true.

The island is also very rich in nature with a volcanic mountain, old-growth forest and wildlife. The beautiful unruined nature of Mikurajima Island is preserved and some areas are prohibited to enter without guide.

Visits also includes the Inane Sanctuary, the magnificent Miyogaike Pond, the fascinating ancient forest of Tanteiro and the Kurosaki Takao Observatory.

Miyakejima :

The island offers a remarkable variety of geo-spots in a small and concentrated area.

The island has a large active volcano called Mount Oyama, which has erupted several times in recent years. The last eruption was in 2000, which resulted in the evacuation of its entire population until 2005.

Today many tourists visit Miyakejima for fishing and diving, trekking, cycling and bouldering.

For diving, Miyakejima, affected by the Kuroshio, is a crowded area of table corals. The unique scenery of the volcanic island also spreads out in the water, and you can observe coral colonies, tropical fishes, large migratory fishes, and sea turtles.

Miyakejima Island is also famous as a bird watching island where you can see lot of them, including wild birds, sea birds, and the Izu island thrush, which is designated as a natural treasure.